How your Child can study in Canada for Free

Canada is a top destination for people from all works of life who are seeking a safe, prosperous country to permanently immigrate to. The Canadian government recognizes the unique needs of its populace and thus engages in several initiatives to boost the quality and standard of life of its people. One of such measures is funding education at all levels across Canada. Thus, by law, education in Canada is free for all (citizenry and permanent residents).

As a result, international students who are married and/or have dependent may now bring their dependents with them to Canada during their study program and enjoy the benefits of free education for their wards. According to Canadian law, a dependent is a person under the age of 22 years old (without a spouse or partner) and who is unable to financially support themselves due to a mental or physical condition.


The intending international student files an application for a study permit and may include their dependent on their application for a Canadian study permit, keeping in mind the above-mentioned impacts this may have on the approval of the study permit. If the international student’s application is approved for a study permit in Canada with their dependent child accompanying, then the child will be issued a visa authorizing their stay in Canada for the same period as the primary applicant’s permit.

Eligibility for study permit

The following table summarizes whether a dependent at primary/secondary school level requires a study permit to enroll in a school

If the child is…Documents neededStudy permit
A foreign national coming to Canada with a parent who is a Canadian citizen or permanent residentChild’s passport, birth certificate/ permanent residency cardNo
A foreign national coming to Canada with a parent who doesn’t have a work/study permitChild’s passportYes
A foreign national coming to Canada with a parent who has a study/work permitChild’s passportYes

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