Hi guys on today with Dhub Education, we are going to be talking about a way you can earn more while enjoying the best of our services. Hmm, yes that’s right, may I introduce you to Dhub Affiliate Program! Tada! Let’s start with the basics. An Affiliate is a person or organization that joins a firm in the promoting and selling of its products or services while earning income from such activities.


It works by affiliates (people like you who want to start a profitable side job) promoting a vendor’s (someone who wants to sell) product or service and getting compensated for every sale, or subscription they send to the merchant. (Oh did I mention that when become an Affiliate with the Dhub, you get up to £200 for every referral, oh yeah!). You can become an Affiliate by joining any of these Affiliate packages


As a customer referral affiliate, you can refer your friends, family, and colleagues to our services and earn a commission of up to £200 for every student/client that starts their study abroad journey using your unique referral code. This is a great way to earn some extra cash while helping others benefit from our services, Start earning.


Are you a Teacher in a Primary, Secondary or perhaps a Lecturer in a Tertiary Institution and desire to make extra cash while engaging in your passion? Dhub Education gives you this unique opportunity to expand your influence by referring your students, fellow teachers and colleagues to our Study and Work Abroad options while you smile to the bank in the process.


As a vendor, partner with us in a mutually beneficial relationship way you refer clients to us for Study or Work, earn commission on your performance and at the same time expand the scope of your brand across all our platforms.


Are you a blogger, have large followers on social media or simply have a strong sway in convincing crowds? Here’s your chance to put that to good use. Simply use your platform to drive traffic and study/work abroad deals on our pages and earn in the process. The more deals you make, the better your chances of becoming our Star Ambassador for the Quarter and Year while enjoying discounts on all your travel trips within that period.


Employed and yet seeking more income? Dhub Education got you covered! Simply refer your friends, colleagues or even acquaintances at work to any of our exclusive packages and watch your incomes grow in size.  

Hurry now! Don’t be left out on this cool opportunity to smile to the bank. You snooze, you lose. Leave a comment with your contact details for more information.



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