100 percent scholarship to study abroad – Fact or fiction?

A question that many students aspiring to study abroad ask is – ‘will any scholarship cover 100% of the expenses of studying abroad?’ The true answer to this question is ‘NO’. There are no fully funded scholarships for international students. Some scholarship awarding bodies may foot nearly 85% of the total costs, but these are limited in number. Not to mention, the competition for these scholarships will be very high. You should have exceptional academic records along with meeting other specific eligibility requirements.

Don’t be dejected though; there are several other scholarships that you can apply for, which offers decent support with the expenses involved in studying abroad. Financial support in any way, big or small, will go a long way.

Before we learn about the different scholarships, here are some aspects that you have to keep in mind when you look for and apply for scholarships.

Things to remember before applying for scholarships to study abroad

There are several steps involved in finding the right scholarship.

Be prepared with the basic requirements: Some of the obvious requirements for a scholarship to study abroad include your academic certificates, reference letters, and university offer letter. Decide whom you would like to contact for referral and keep them informed.

Understand the scholarship-specific requirements: You should read the scholarship requirements and application guidelines carefully. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. Also, check out the specific requirements as to what documents are to be submitted. Adhere to the deadlines.

Write a convincing cover letter for your application: Along with the other documents that you submit, you will have to write a cover letter that stands out. Include points that would demonstrate your skills and achievements. You should be able to convince the deciding authorities that you deserve the scholarship.

Remember that the competition for scholarships is high. Being fully prepared from your end will not ensure that you’ll get the scholarship for sure. So be prepared for setbacks. Don’t give up, you can apply for the next best scholarship.

Popular Scholarships to Study Abroad

Some of the popular scholarships that are available for international students are listed below; click on them for more information.

  • Chevening UK Government Scholarships – If you want to pursue a one-year master’s degree at any university in the UK, you can apply for the Chevening scholarship. It is a fully-funded scholarship; however, check out the website for more accurate information.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships – You can apply for commonwealth scholarships after having studied in a UK institution for a year. There are specific scholarships for students pursuing masters or PhD. The Ministry of Human Resource Development will be conducting an interview for shortlisting the eligible students. Do check out the eligibility criteria before applying for this scholarship.
  • Erasmus Scholarships – You can apply for this scholarship to study at the master’s or doctorate level.
  • Royal Society Grants – These grants are offered for researchers.
  • Tata Scholarship at Cornell University for Indian Students – Students who received an admission offer from Cornell University for undergraduate studies can apply for this scholarship. They support 20 students at a time.
  • Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships for Indian Students – Some of the eligibility criteria for this scholarship is that you should have 3 years professional experience in the field of study and also hold a degree from an Indian institution which is equivalent to the U.S. Bachelor’s degree. (Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. takes 4 years to complete.)

Apart from these, there are several other scholarships given by the universities, for Indian international students. These include the India Global Leaders Scholarship offered by The University of Queensland, Future of Change Scholarship offered by the University of New South Wales, the Rhodes Scholarship for India for students applying to the Oxford University, the University of Lincoln India Scholarship offered by the University of Lincoln and so on. These are not 100 percent scholarships but will support you in your study abroad journey.

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